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Samba 3.5.2 SMBTA v2 enabled packages released

The SMB traffic analyzer software suite (in short SMBTA) is a toolset aimed at visualizing the data flow on one or more Samba servers, providing statistics about the usage of Samba services. The long term goal of the SMB Traffic Analyzer project is to provide a universal remote debugging facility for Samba.

In an effort to make future testing of SMBTA v2 much easier, I have backported the VFS module code from Samba’s master to 3.5.2, including all documentation and tools.

And thanks to the help of the Novell Samba Team, we can now release a SMBTA v2 enabled Samba 3.5.2 for openSUSE via the Build Service in the network:samba:STABLE project:


For installations employing SMBTA version 1, nothing will change. The module is using the old protocol by default. Documentation on SMBTA v2 can be looked up in the manpages of vfs_smb_traffic_analyzer and smbta-util.

Still, there is no client for the SMBTA v2 VFS module released. I will update this blog very soon with information about the rest of the SMBTA software stack, stay tuned.

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