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SMB Traffic Analyzer 1.1 released

The team just released SMB Traffic Analyzer version 1.1. Among many uncounted small fixes and updates, this release features the following:

The configuration file support in smbtad was incomplete, it did not support all available options. The 1.1 code fixes this  (bnc#651800). The resolving of this bug was a requirement to enable LSB compatible start / stop scripts for smbtad (bnc#651112). Therefore, you can now control smbtad with the “rcsmbtad” script, and currently it allows “rcsmbtad start”, “rcsmbtad stop”, and “rcsmbtad status”. This also brings us a step closer to build appliances for SMB Traffic Analyzer. And then we had a compile issue with distributions that include older versions of talloc. The 1.1 code fixes this by providing a missing define should it not exist (bnc#649840) to the smbtad and the smbtatools packages. Therefore we can announce two more distributions to be supported by SMB Traffic Analyzer, that is openSUSE 11.1, and SLES11-SP1 (as well as SLES11). Just check the download page which has been updated with one-click install links for these distributions! Finally we have updated the documentation (bnc#651823) to reflect the configuration news for smbtad and its control through the rcsmbtad script.

For more information on SMB Traffic Analyzer, check it’s homepage.

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