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SMB Traffic Analyzer 1.2.1 released

The team is happy to announce the release of SMB Traffic Analyzer (SMBTA in the following) version 1.2.1. This is a very important release, as many fixes have been done for the build, making both smbtad and smbtatools much more portable. Also, the build has been adapted to work with libraries that are not installed at the usual places on the system (bnc#654930).

On the feature side, we have two really cool things to say. First off, we are introducing rrddriver with this release. It is an interface to rrdtool, and allows to build a round robin database from the data smbtad is receiving, in real time. Having data in a rrdtool database allows you to create all the fancy graphics SMBTA was missing until today (bnc#655149).


An example graph of network throughput, created with rrdtool by using rrddriver.

And then we have all tools being able to run over a unix domain socket, including rrddriver. This is a further step to make the setup and configuration of SMBTA easier, as well as more efficient (bnc#654073) and helps us in our effort to build appliances for SMBTA.

Smbtad was leaking memory when either smbtamonitor or rrddriver was connected to it, and run over 24 hours, now this is fixed (bnc#656120). Both rrddriver and smbtamonitor have been using too much CPU time, this has been fixed with bnc#656011. The smbtatorture tool, most likely interesting to those who are developing SMBTA, has been completely documented (bnc#653769).

A short “howto” section has been added to the documentation, that aims to describe the simplest possible setup for SMBTA. The idea is that users get a clue what to do and are able to adapt it to their environment. The documentation on building SMBTA has been updated with important details on how to build SMBTA in more complex environments and rrddriver has been completely documented (bnc#651147).

Finally, I come back as to why this is an important release as I said in the beginning of this article. Due to the efforts done for version 1.2.1 SMBTA will now build on Solaris 10, and a side effect is that SMBTA has become much more portable during that sessions. Many thanks to those who are interested in a Solaris build, the result was an essentially needed contribution to SMBTA! A side effect of this is that we can offer a download for the Fedora 13 distribution.

You can download SMB Traffic Analyzer from the Download Page.

For more information about SMB Traffic Analyzer, check it’s homepage.

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