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SMBTA Stresstest 0.0.1 released

SMBTA Stresstest is an appliance based on openSUSE 11.3 for long-time- or stress testing the SMB Traffic Analyzer software suite. It is used mainly by the SMBTA development team to check the behaviour of SMB Traffic Analyzer under certain traffic conditions. It also can easily be used to just try out SMB Traffic Analyzer.

SMBTA Stresstest running in VirtualBox

SMBTA Stresstest running in VirtualBox

With this first release, SMBTA Stresstest comes with a Samba Server that is configured for two shares, “Officespace” and “music”, and logs traffic on those shares using SMB Traffic Analyzer. Two users are preconfigured, “holger” and “john”, and for those two instances of the smbtatorture program is started, producing infinite traffic on the shares.

The appliance is configured for port 3491 as the connection port for the smbtatools, which allows to inspect the generated traffic from an other machine.

SMBTA Stresstester has been created using the fabulous SUSE Studio and comes in OVF format, and should be able to run on KVM, VMware, and VirtualBox.  The appliance is completely self-contained, runs the smbtatorture processes directly after reaching runlevel 3,and Built with SUSE Studio if your virtual machine is setup to be reachable from the host’s network, all the SMBTA tools like rrddriver or smbtaquery can be run against it, once you know the IP adress of SMBTA Stresstester (the appliance root password is “linux”):

smbtaquery -i 3491 -h -q ‘global, usage rw;’

SMBTA Stresstest is available in the SUSE Gallery, and we also uploaded it to this place. For more information on SMB Traffic Analyzer, please check out it’s homepage.

Merry Christmas and a happy new year.

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