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SMB Traffic Analyzer 1.2.5 released

Just in case you’re wondering what this article is about, check out the SMB Traffic Analyzer project to get more information.

The team is proud to release SMB Traffic Analyzer version 1.2.5. Among numerous changes and enhancements, this release brings a huge documentation update on webSMBTA, thanks to Benjamin of the SMBTA team. In smbtaquery, we had a bug that caused the “from..to” and “since” time modifiers on functions not to work (bso#8169). Furthermore, this release fixes an error condition on smbtad which we encountered during the SambaXP conference, when a directory was created that already existed. Packages for Gentoo Linux and openSUSE should be available very soon, and with release 1.2.5, we’ve sub-packaged webSMBTA. The “one click install” option  for openSUSE will install all required repositories such as rails3 to run webSMBTA from the apache webserver. We have added installation instructions to the source tarball.

SMB Traffic Analyzer 1.2.5 makes changes to the database being used by SMBTA. We provide an upgrade path from whichever version of SMBTA you are coming from. Just run “smbtaquery -C” and follow the instructions.

Checkout the SMB Traffic Analyzer homepage to get more information and download options.

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