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SMBTA Stresstest 0.0.4 appliance features SMB Traffic Analyzer 1.2.5 and runs webSMBTA out of the box

Should you read this article in a blog roll, and have the impression what you read is from outer space, note this article is about the SMB Traffic Analyzer project, a software suite to provide statistical traffic analysis for Samba networks.

A browser showing webSMBTA, connected to a SMBTA Stresstest 0.0.4 virtual machine.

Ever wanted to just try SMB Traffic Analyzer to see what it can do for you, but have been hindered by the hassle of setup and configuration? Today the SMBTA team released SMBTA Stresstest 0.0.4, a complete self containing appliance to be run by your virtualization software, such as vmware or VirtualBox.

It has never been easier to give SMBTA a try.

An instance of the smbtamonitor real time program running against SMBTA Stresstest 0.0.4 in VirtualBox.

Just download the OVF image we provide via SUSE Gallery, setup your virtual machine to have network access, and point your web browser to the hostname or IP adress of your virtual machine. Also, you can run all real time clients such as the smbtamonitor program, or our interface to rrdtool, rrddriver, against SMBTA Stresstest 0.0.4. It has an open port for real time clients on port number 3491.

At the very first connect to webSMBTA, a configuration dialog will appear, asking the user to which database the connection has to be made. To run with SMBTA Stresstest 0.0.4, just fill out the form exactly like given in the screenshot.

At the very first connection to webSMBTA, use these parameters to connect to the database in SMBTA Stresstest.

SMBTA Stresstest 0.0.4 comes with a preinstalled Samba server, is configured to host three shares on that server, and generates constant data traffic by six users that are running smbtatorture instances, a program we developed to test SMBTA. Thanks to the hard work of Benjamin Brunner on this release, the webSMBTA component is running out of the box in this release, hosted by an Apache webserver.

This release is based on our latest and greatest stable release of SMB Traffic Analyzer, version 1.2.5, and the rest of the software stack based on openSUSE 11.4. Needless to say: This release of SMBTA Stresstest was created with the fabulous SUSE Studio!

You can download the SMBTA Stresstest appliance from SUSE Studio, more information on the SMB Traffic Analyzer project is available here.

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