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Teradata Partners Conference / Novell Brainshare / SMB Traffic Analyzer / Development status

Joshua Tree National Park. Full of wonders.

Mutter und Kind

"Mutter und Kind" @ San Diego Zoo

Well last weeks have been pretty busy. With a 10 hours flight, we arrived at San Francisco to get to San Diego to visit the Teradata Partners conference, an excellent event that included good discussions and lots of acceptance and recognition for SUSE Linux. I liked the way talks have been organized, or to say it in other words it was a matter of downloading an Android app to always have the overview. :) We served the SUSE booth at the conference, got involved into lots of discussions about the OS, and I was even happier in the moments when people asked questions on openSUSEthis is showing clearly that the project is well known! To leave some words on San Diego is very simple: Gaslamp Quarter, I’ll be back, and have a few more beers at Rock Bottom!

We then drove from San Diego to Salt Lake City by car. Having some days of vacation in between, this was the best choice. During our travel we stopped by and visited San Diego Zoo, the Joshua Tree national park, Zion national park, and Bryce Canyon.

In Salt Lake, Novell’s Brainshare conference was about to start. And guess what I’ve had the chance to present SMB Traffic Analyzer at this amazing conference! I’ve had the presentation two times actually, presenting the very latest development snapshot of SMBTA and while it was not visited by so many people, the ones who listened have been very tough and showed great interest, giving me the chance to make new contacts, and lots of discussion about Samba and SMB Traffic Analyzer, and openSUSE. So to bring this to an end: Brainshare was exciting!

SMB Traffic Analyzer is developing healthy. I was presenting Benjamin Brunner’s work on the real-time search function, user management, and the very latest statistic functions in webSMBTA. We haven’t had a release in the last months, which is unusual for SMBTA. That is actually caused by features we want to implement for the release. These features, such as SVG graphics for usage diagrams are not yet done,and I am working on it.

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