Direct chat with developers and users….

First of all, consider joining the #smbta channel on SMB Traffic Analyzer users and developers are on the channel. A lot of development and bugfixing happens on IRC. If you have questions, just raise them here, there are no bad questions, ever.

If you are a user…

and have general questions or problems with SMB Traffic Analyzer, the right forum is the mailing list. You can subscribe to it here.

If you are a developer…

and want to add fixes/contributions to the project, the right forum is the mailing list. You can subscribe to it here. Additionally, read the “Development” section on this page.

Development – how to create patches

The source code of SMB Traffic Analyzer is hosted in a git repository on Depending on what you want to work on you either clone:

git clone git://
git clone git://

Both of these repositories have two branches, “master” and “devel“. If you want to create patches, please switch to the devel branch, to retrieve the latest code. The master branch has the current released code. In this branch you’ll find tags marking the specific versions that have been released.When it comes to release time, we’ll merge everything we want to have in the release from devel.

So after cloning the repositories, you’ll switch to the devel branch:

git checkout origin/devel -b devel

You’ll then have your local branch tracking the origin devel branch. Make your changes there.

When you’re done, check if the branch still builds, then commit your changes:

git commit -a

You’ll need to enter information on the changes you’ve made.

Once you’ve commited your changes, create a git patch out of it for us to cherry-pick:

git format-patch HEAD^..HEAD

This will create a patchfile. You’re done with the technical work.

How to get the patch upstream

Several ways to get your changes upstream:

– connect on irc (see above), join the #smbta channel and tell us about it


– create a bug on, describing the problem and put your patch in there.


– post an email on, attach the patch.

We are always happy about people who want to contribute. If you nerve us long enough with patches you’ll get the fourth option:

– gain write access to the git branches and become a member of the SMBTA team.

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